There’s no doubting the negative affects of the lockdown; a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. In making the final episode of my documentary series “Lockdown Life,” I asked people what they had learnt during this time of isolation. I’ve now written up my own response. If you’d like to hear a positive reflection, then keep reading…

8 Lessons I Learnt Through Lockdown

Disclaimer: This post is not treating the lockdown period(s) as positive experience, nor the coronavirus pandemic as a whole. Focusing on the positives has been my only defence in getting through the tough times and tackling my own mental health issues as a result.

1. To be more present

Around a month before lockdown, I was starting to meditate daily. Along with this I had been training myself to become more aware and in the present moment at different points in a day. I was getting there, but with the distraction of work-life and other demanding factors, it wasn’t easy.

It was only when lockdown was introduced that I had the time to slow down; I could focus on strengthening this skill. I have now noticed how I take my time with tasks and this has reduced my anxiety greatly. Overtime, it has become less of a conscious effort and comes more naturally.

2. The importance of learning

Out of a job now, I had to keep occupied and mentally stimulated. I found very early on that I was gravitating towards education whether that was through TV, online classes, or my own research. It helped.

In particular, documentaries were the most beneficial as they were informative but equally entertaining. This resulted in me making a list of important historical documentaries and what we could learn (read about them here!) Even though I will be studying at University in September, I’d still like to continue sourcing my own research and learning in these ways.

3. To use reflection as a tool for self-growth

Blessed with the time to reflect and learn from mistakes of the past, I feel clearer about my attitude to life. I spent more time unaccompanied than usual and as a result feel that I understand myself better.

Although it was difficult at first to refrain from dwelling over former regrettable instances, I eventually became accustomed to a more positive mindset. I decided to use those experiences as a way to grow and set goals for the future (more on goal setting using a vision board here!) I realised that every day is a chance to improve and that without mistakes there would be no opportunity to do so.

4. Developing the ability to let go

For most of my life, I have been a bit of a control-freak. It’s not that I’ve never been spontaneous at all but more so that I like to be the one making the decisions. Lockdown forced us all into a very different way of living and so what else could I do but accept it.

Having so much freedom taken away was challenging to begin with. However, as time passed, it ironically helped me to relax a little. Once I had accepted the change, I could then use the time to take care of myself. I have noticed a recent change in the way I make plans. Specific details are replaced by a rough list of things I could get done, allowing for flexibility.

5. To become more independent

My partner and I have been together for nearly three years now and the longest we had been without seeing each other was just two weeks. Lockdown resulted in us spending more than 3 months apart, something we would never have chosen. But this brought me independence. (More about spending time alone here!)

In a relationship I think it’s natural to rely on one another and so being physically apart helped me to depend on myself more. In some ways, I think it made us closer and stronger as a couple. Having now moved to our own place together, I’ve noticed our respect for one another’s space and ability to still be independent by making our own individual decisions.

6. To learn to “switch off”

Without as many daily distractions, I had to learn to relax and completely switch off at times. The media was overwhelming initially and it was tough not to become attached to feelings of panic and general anxiety. Although keeping occupied through creativity was a huge help, I obviously couldn’t sustain this at all times.

Therefore, I chose to look for interesting content via YouTube and Netflix to unwind to. This time period has given me the permission I needed to relax and give myself time away from “work.”

7. To strengthen spirituality

This time provided an opportunity to learn more about spirituality and I found a greater connection with nature as a result. When out for a walk, I would make a conscious effort to notice plants, flowers and trees. (Stuck at home? Read about connecting with nature from the indoors here!)

I would look at the details of them and the way in which they moved in the breeze. This acknowledgement improved my mood and helped me to check in with my surroundings. In a way, this links with becoming more mindful and gaining a greater appreciation for the things I still have access to.

8. The importance of human interaction

The greatest thing I noticed was how much I craved human interaction. It’s from this understanding where the name “of social creatures” was created. For the first few months of lockdown I was fortunate to live in household of four, and so there were opportunities for me to interact.

It was also during this time that I reconnected with an old friend as result of making “Lockdown Life“. There is something pretty special about that and I truly value that opportunity. The experience as a whole has made me acknowledge our reliance upon one another in life and how important it is to cherish every moment spent with loved ones.

Final thoughts:

Dealing with the corona-virus pandemic has been difficult for us all. We have never experienced anything quite like it in our own lifetimes and so it has naturally had a huge affect on us. However I do believe that through any challenge faced, it is key to seek out the positives and provide our own meaning.

The slowed pace of life has helped me to learn more about myself and strengthened skills. It taught me that we are capable of so much as a society and it gives me hope for our future.

What’s on your mind?

Have you learnt anything new about yourself during lockdown? Or do you think there’s no need to obsess over looking for positives? Leave a comment below!

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