Self-care is widely understood to be an important practise in our daily lives. There are a number of ways to practise this, which will vary from person to person as to what works. If you’d like some ideas based on what I am personally trying, then keep reading reading…

What is “self-care?”

Self-care is the act of putting one’s mental and physical needs before anything else. It can also be viewed as treating yourself the way in which you would care for a good friend.

8 Self-Care Ideas to Try

1. Regularly exercising

Taking care of your body through exercise is important and not only for your physical needs, but it can also improve mental wellbeing. You must find a routine that works best for you.

I enjoy taking long walks and try to do so as often as I can. I also perform two short workouts every week, focusing on strength building exercises based on my high metabolism. It can release built up tension and start the day feeling accomplished!

2. Taking care of your skin

It’s not about aesthetics, but treating your skin kindly and enjoying its feel. Using products that make you feel good can be a relaxing process. It doesn’t have to take very long, but it can be a great way to start and end the day.

Washing and moisturising my face in the mornings makes me feel cleaner and therefore more presentable and confident. This is especially helpful if I don’t feel like wearing any makeup that day, which usually gives me a similar feeling.

3. Asking for help

There’s an assumption that to be strong means being able to face challenges alone but it’s natural to need assistance at times, no matter what the size of the problem. Being comfortable asking for and receiving help will lower the chances of issues building up so quickly that it becomes overwhelming.

Sometimes, advice is all that’s needed and it can be a very valuable tool. Recognising who is best suited to help is something to keep in mind. I don’t always find it easy, but I am trying to seek out support in advance of problems escalating.

4. Taking necessary breaks

It’s easy to get caught up in tasks that we forget to take enough breaks. This often leads to burn out and so we should set our own boundaries to help avoid this.

I am trying to reserve my evenings as a time to unwind and have started listening to my body to understand when to slow down.

5. Journal writing

Writing down your thoughts can be helpful to get worries and stresses out of your head and onto a page. There is no limit; you write until you finish. Even when you feel okay, it’s still a good opportunity to check in with yourself.

I often write down things I’m grateful for and that has many benefits. (Read this if you’re interested in starting a gratitude journal!)

6. Accepting mistakes

Making mistakes is healthy and crucial for self-growth. Beating ourselves up over something we did wrong is not going to get us anywhere. In order to respect ourselves and encourage our development, we must learn to accept our mistakes first.

I’m trying to stop dwelling over things I cannot change and just learn from them. Perfection isn’t attainable and making myself feel bad is a waste of my energy.

7. Purchasing food mindfully

It’s obvious to say that what you eat affects your body and therefore how you function. So being conscious of what you consume is an act of self-care. Making an effort to purchase healthy foods is a great place to start because your options are limited when you go to make food.

After watching some environmental documentaries (more about them here!) I knew it was time to pay more attention to my diet. When I’ve eaten a good meal, I feel that I have more energy and have respected my body.

8. Having a regular sleep schedule

We all know by now the importance of good, quality sleep. But how often do we get it? Finding a routine that suits you, that you also stick to, can be difficult. If possible, allow yourself to sleep without waking to an alarm and find out how much your body needs.

I’ve discovered that to feel really good in myself, I need a minimum of eight hours sleep. Therefore, I’ve been trying to go to bed earlier to accommodate my necessary early mornings.

Final thoughts:

These are just some of the ways you can start building habits of self-care into your daily routine. Practising self-care is not only beneficial to the individual but can extend to others too. When you are feeling good in yourself, you can better support those around you.

All of these points on the list are things that I am continuing to work on, and probably always will. And that is how we see the benefits.

What’s on your mind?

How do you practise self-care? Have these methods changed over time? Leave a comment below!

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