I was in a slump this afternoon, and Nathan could most certainly tell.

After witnessing an awkward and unpleasant comment earlier in the day, it had continued to bother me. The receiver of the awkward and unpleasant comment certainly didn’t deserve such, in my opinion, inaccurate feedback.

Nathan listened to me, patiently, as I explained the dilemma and how I didn’t step in and show any appreciation for the receiver’s efforts. I was grateful to be given some very useful and thought-provoking advice.

“You’re always going on about how you want to make a positive difference in the world!”

And he’s right: it’s one of my many frustrations.

“Why don’t you give [the receiver] an email? Let them know you appreciated their efforts. Just make someone’s day.

“Start small.”

Upon this evening’s reflection, I can see how this advice can be applied to any challenge. I am often guilty of looking so far into the future that I lose track of my starting place.

What’s interesting also is that the smallest changes can still make such a large difference. In this particular situation, I had a welcoming response from my email which just proves how valuable it is to reach out and show appreciation for the efforts of others.

What’s on your mind?

How do you show appreciation to others? Can this quote be applied to a situation of your own? Leave a comment below!

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