Last Tuesday, I was on a video call with my grandmother, catching her up on my university sessions from the previous week. There were a number of opportunities that had been offered by the university and as a result, I was debating whether or not to engage. Asking for her opinion, she simply responded that I should go for them! She added…

“No experience is wasted.”

I rather liked this quote as it suggests that experience itself provides opportunity for growth. Therefore, in taking opportunities you are inviting the possibility of learning something new. Personally, I’ve been wanting to try out activities that I know very little about and this motivates me to do so. The discovery of what you may enjoy (and equally what you don’t) is valuable.

Reflecting upon negative experiences in the past, I realise that they too helped to shape my views, behaviour and provided me with new perspectives. It’s the approach that’s key.

And so, should I take on the opportunities I’m currently being offered?

I realised that the factor that was holding me back was commitment. I think this is an important factor that should also be considered and to choose what’s best to commit your time to. In my case, I have decided to let go some of the opportunities in the knowledge that they will come around again the following year. For the time being, I have formed my own challenges and I look forward to seeing what I can learn!

What’s on your mind?

What do you think of this quote? Can it be applied to everything or do you think there’s more to consider? Leave a comment below!

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