I don’t believe there is an inherent purpose to life.

Never a part of a religious faith, perpetually pondering the reasons of our existence without finding an answer has lead me to one conclusion that can be applied to us all individually. We must find our own purpose.

This is no unique thought of course, but I have realised its importance to daily wellbeing. It’s grounding ability lessens the difficulties we face by offering a reason to push through. It can give us a sense of who we are and an understanding of our impact on others.

Moving out of the family home brought an awareness to the value of spending time with my dogs. Caring for them gave me purpose and in return I felt pure happiness. The inevitable time apart is an example of why having multiple purposes is necessary.

closeup of Lilah (my) maltipoo dog

My appreciation for The Arts is ever-growing. A source of inspiration, enlightenment, entertainment and, at best, a beautiful articulation of human nature. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the reference to this post, is a masterpiece in my opinion.

I believe these kinds of works can provide so much purpose due to their transactional attribute. They are able to offer something, various somethings, that can be interpreted in various ways. In my own life, I find joy in creating. But even more so when others are able to find their own meaning through my work.

Specific purposes can evolve and it’s probably good that they do. What interested you 10 years ago may not fit anymore and that’s understandable. What’s necessary is taking the time to discover new meanings followed by an effort to maintain engagement with them.

But perhaps, just maybe, the answer really is just 42.

What’s on your mind?

How often do you question the meaning of life? What is your interpretation of the question? Leave a comment below!

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