‘Twas the week before my final first term assignment was due when my dear laptop decided to stop working.

Ahh. The joy of doing university online. Cheers Covid!

I did my very best to keep the stress levels to a minimum as I tried to sort the problem. It was more complicated than I thought.

“Oh hang on…it says on here that to fix the issue all of my docUMENTS ARE GOING TO BE DELETED!?”

I had a cry. I felt a little better.

As I’m back at my parents’ for the holidays, my partner came to the rescue and dropped off his Surface a few days later for me to use.

I was able to complete and submit my assignment without any issues! Spirits high, I went back to attempting to fix my laptop. Yesterday evening, 9.35pm to be exact, I did it. It’s fixed. I’m using it to type these very words and it is wonderful. And the best part? All my documents were saved! Things were looking up.

And then came the news:

another lockdown.

I’ll admit it, I cried. But you know what, things have been so up and down, left and right, backwards, round in circles and all over the place.

For some reason, we expect ourselves to carry on as normal when things aren’t normal around us. Why do we do this?

It’s important not to give up completely and continue to perform necessary daily tasks. But it’s okay to not be “doing amazing” and “embracing the uncertainty and change”.

Get some fresh air, have a dance, keep hydrated. Then, have a moan, curl up to some sad tunes, and write 33 pages in your diary about how awful you feel.

Whenever I deny myself to truly feel my emotions, it usually leads to a breakdown of sorts. So from now on, when I do feel low, I’m going to remind myself that just like all the times before, this feeling is temporary. To feel it first in order to move forward.

Because sometimes,

all you need is a cry.

What’s on your mind?

How have you been feeling lately? Do you ever let out a sob when your technological whatsit stops working out of the blue? Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “ Sometimes, all you need is a cry. ”

  1. Oh yes, I also go to school remotely and I can’t even begin to imagine what it might be like for you, my teachers have been forgiving, but submitting assignments on time with a broken computer sounds terrible! I’m glad that everything worked out for you! 😊

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