Now. If you are actively creating some form of art and expressing a part of yourself, your views, or interpretations of life, then now is the time to consider yourself an artist! If you’d like to understand my reasoning and how it relates to personal development, then keep reading…

Why do people shy away from the title?

It’s possible there are a few main reasons and they derive from the lack of a clear definition. In my own view, the term “artist” shouldn’t be restricted to those creating works with a pencil or paintbrush. Other forms of art can include performance, architecture, literature and music. Thus, those who produce work in these categories must also be classed as artists.

It’s also difficult to determine if one is “good enough” to claim the title. Many of us who are enthusiastic about our creative passions can be equally self-critical. And so, we won’t consider ourselves an artist until we are financially successful, for example. It’s a problematic mindset to have and yet, understandable without a set definition.

Why should more people embrace it?

The process of creativity is wonderful. It’s personal. I believe that to call yourself an artist means committing to consistency and honing your skills by embracing the learning process. It’s not about waiting to be ‘the best in your field’ or gaining financial stability. Consider the artists of history who got little to no positive feedback on their work throughout their lives and yet continued to create. Be inspired by them.

Why call yourself an artist? Because it gives you confidence. It provides a right to create and a reason to progress and evolve without the distraction of external judgement. Since considering myself an artist, I have found new motivation to pursue my projects regardless of engagement, because it’s the active process that causes me to learn and improve.

What’s on your mind?

Do you have your own definition of “artist”? What creative passions do you have? Leave a comment below!

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