As a student, I find it difficult to support the environment in the ways I’d like, as eco-friendly products can be expensive. But that doesn’t mean I should give up. We can all do something little everyday to aid sustainability. If you’d like to learn of three easy ways you can participate in immediately, then keep reading…

3 Ways to Help Our Environment Free of Charge:

1. Change your search engine to ‘Ecosia’

If you’ve not heard of then here’s a quick explanation. Like all search engines, they generate money from the ads that are displayed. The difference with Ecosia is that they use the income to plant trees!

At the time of posting, they have currently planted over 119 million trees. This is simply from people like us, searching the internet as we usually would.

2. Sign petitions

This one is extremely straightforward: take action by supporting campaigns that aim to encourage sustainability. is a great place to start for all kinds of petitions, but there are plenty more to be found on environmental charities’ websites. Here’s one in the UK to get you started!

To take this one step further, you can get your family and friends involved by sharing them. And ultimately, you could even go as far as to create your own!

3. Follow sustainable organisations on social media

If you own any kind of social media account, this is a great one to participate in as it can have multiple benefits. Obviously, you’ll be supporting the charity/organisation through liking and following their content. And sharing it would be even better still!

However, you will also be getting free education which can deepen your understanding and lead to new ways of supporting our planet. Here’s a Twitter account to get you inspired!

Final thoughts:

Small steps towards a more sustainable future are always worth making the effort for. I’ve provided proof in this post that you don’t have to be a high earner to make a difference when it comes to helping our environment.

There’s no use in feeling guilty for what you can’t afford to do, as there is always something you can get involved with!

What’s on your mind?

Will you be trying some of these out for yourself? What do you currently do to support our environment? Leave a comment below!

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