When you’re renting a place for a short space of time, it’s easy to disregard the potential comfort of your surroundings. This is especially true if, like myself, it comes fully furnished with limitations to decoration. However, there are things we can and should do to make our space a home. If you’d like to find out why and where to start, then keep reading…

Why make the effort?

The short answer is: you will become miserable if you don’t. (Trust me, I would know!)

Feeling comfortable and safe in your own place is so important to your mental health and wellbeing. It invites proper rest and relaxation as well as inspiration for daily tasks. You deserve to feel this.

Unfortunately, rented properties aren’t always easy to adjust to. There are rules and regulations to follow, often accompanied by other maintenance issues. When I first moved away, (my advice here!) I was so excited about finally having my own space. But after a few months, I was becoming increasingly frustrated.

The landlord has the control, which can be unsettling. As a student, I was restricted to one room for most of the day: my bedroom. Things would get messy very quickly which would lead to stress and then avoidance.

It was only 7 months into living there that I realised the true, underlying reason as to why my resentment had escalated. I was treating my space badly and therefore myself badly by extension.

When you live in a flat with other people as I do, it’s never going to be perfect. But there are things we can do to work on our wellness through learning to respect our surroundings.

How to Respect the Space You Are In:

1. Separate the landlord and your home

When your monthly rent charge is a struggle, or you’ve been continually dealing with maintenance issues, it’s understandable to build resentment. (If you are having lots of trouble then click here for some free advice from “Shelter”)

You must try to stop associating your space with the landlord. This will mean you can look at your space objectively and work out how best to adapt, should you need to. I could stop blaming and start working on the things that I could change to better my wellbeing.

2. Keep it clean!

This can apply to anyone, whatever type of space they are renting. The most impactful change I made was keeping organised. I had get into the habit of cleaning more often (boring, but necessary!) and have a massive clear-out.

Less things in a smaller, more organised space meant that my surroundings were serving me, rather than controlling me.

3. Practise gratitude

Writing down the things that are benefitting you, no matter how small, can often go a long way. For example, I am currently living at the top floor of a building in the attic and often bump into the low, slanted walls. However, I am grateful that I rarely have any noise disturbance, as there is no flat above me.

By observing your surroundings in this way, you can become more appreciative of what you do have. (If you’re interested in gratitude journaling then click here to find out more!)

Ideas to Make Your Space Feel More Comfortable

  • Candles/Incense/Wax Melt
  • Plants
  • Vision Board (Read this on how to make one!)
  • Items with a Personal Connection
  • Cosy Bed Area
  • De-clutter
  • Store Away Non-essential Items

Final thoughts:

Just because we’re renting, that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve to feel comfortable where we live. Although we can’t control everything, we can control our mindset and practise respect.

I now see my flat in a new light. I feel far more comfortable and can use this experience to learn about my own needs for future homes.

What’s on your mind?

Are you currently renting a property? Do you think this can be applied to those who aren’t renting? Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “ Why It’s Important to Always Respect Your Living Space, Even if You’re Temporarily Renting ”

  1. Thank you for this! I’ve recently started making my flat more homely, even though I moved in 2 years ago. I light candles most nights, I’ve bought lots of house plants and I’ve made a gallery wall. I’ve bought prints online and stuck them on my walls with command strips which say they’re easy to remove-fingers crossed 🤞🏼
    But it looks really nice now and I’m happy with it which is the most important thing when you’re renting.

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