Many of us feel uncomfortable with the thought of spending a significant time alone. Others feel the exact opposite. Either way, spending time in your own company can be valuable. If you’d like learn why, then keep reading…

Why can “time alone” sound frightful?

There could be a few different answers to this question. For someone like myself, it may be the fear of being stuck with one’s thoughts and becoming overwhelmed. For others, they can feel lost without company. But you must trust in yourself that these are things you can overcome with support.

Unfortunately, the word “alone” has a negative connotation. We must ignore this and view it as an opportunity for growth. It’s important to make clear that this post is not about “isolation,” but embracing your solitary time.

Why should we embrace it?

Being by ourselves, for intervals at a time, is healthy. I find this to be especially important to consider if you are in a relationship. My partner and I live together and have spent a great deal of time with one another lately. But after allowing physical space apart, I’ve noticed a change in my attitude towards myself: I am kinder. It was not something that I expected to feel and so I am grateful to have experienced and recognised this transformation.

When in your own company, you can learn more about yourself, separated from external judgement. As you tackle problems alone, you will grow in confidence. But above all, it’s a time for self-care. By focusing solely on yourself, you can better understand what you are in need of. I don’t fear being alone anymore; I look forward to re-connecting with myself and I believe that you can too!

What’s on your mind?

Do you enjoy spending time alone? What other self-care methods do you use? Leave a comment below!

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7 thoughts on “ The Value of Spending Time Alone: A Means of Self-Care ”

  1. Yes yes and yes. Absolutely we need to spend some time alone. It’s healthy to have some alone time with our thoughts, to get to know ourselves-our wants and needs. Of course it’s also an important part of self-development. No distractions. Just me, myself and I. A unique and fresh perspective, thanks for sharing 🤍

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