Feeling emotional at times is nothing to be ashamed of, nor is having a cry. In fact, I believe that embracing your emotions can be the best way to move forward from a situation. If you’d like to find out more of the benefits, then keep reading…

Why embrace your feelings?

Suppressing your feelings over a long period of time can put physical stress on your body. By being present and accepting how you feel in the moment, this can be avoided.

From my own experience, I’ve observed that when I deny myself of truly feeling my emotions, it usually leads to a breakdown of sorts. There is no need to let this build up. It’s important to remember that feelings are temporary and therefore there is no need to fear them. Equally, when experiencing something positive, you might as well get the most out of it!

3 Reasons to Have a Good Cry

You should never feel you have to justify the need for a sob, but if you are looking to understand the benefits, then here are some examples…

1. Overcoming a problem/event

When faced with something difficult or upsetting, crying is a natural reaction. And it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Sometimes, you need to feel it first in order to move forward.

There have been occasions where I have no idea where to start with a problem and feeling the pressure building, I give up and cry. It’s only after releasing some of the negative energy that I can start to see a solution by looking at it from a new perspective.

2. Be present

Crying doesn’t have to be negative. Many people cry when they are feeling great amounts of joy too and this is a wonderful experience to embrace.

By crying at a positive event, you are being present in that moment. This mindfulness can have great benefits to your wellbeing (click here to learn more!)

3. Self-respect

If you need to have a quiet moment to yourself, then allowing yourself to do so is respecting your body’s needs. This acknowledgement strengthens your connection to yourself and being vulnerable to your feelings will ultimately make you stronger.

Final thoughts:

The purpose of this post is to recognise that respecting your feelings is important. Crying is not something to be ashamed of, but can be healthy and beneficial to your wellbeing. It’s not a sign of giving up, only a pause.

Over time, I’ve begun to recognise when I need a good cry and in allowing myself to do so, it’s only made me feel better!

What’s on your mind?

Do you feel better after a cry? How do you approach your emotions? Leave a comment below!

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