Whenever possible, we must try to consume more consciously by considering both the environment and the people involved in producing our products. This can often be time consuming which is why I’ve started a blog series: “Companies that Care.” I recently purchased a pair of glasses from “Bloobloom” and would like to share my experience!

This post is NOT sponsored and all opinions are my own.

*Note: Only ever buy products that are within your budget. Click for some free ways to support the environment.*

What do they offer?

Bloobloom is a UK based online glasses company that provides a range of different frames and deliver worldwide. You send them your prescription and they fit the lens to your chosen frame.

On their website, there are explicit details of how the glasses are priced, based on the cost of labour, materials, transport etc. for each individual pair. They also give measurements for all of their frames so you can measure against your current pair.

Key Benefits:

Having gone through the process of purchasing my own pair of glasses, these are the main five benefits that I found…

1. Pair for Pair

This is an excellent scheme that they run that basically means for every pair you purchase, they donate a pair to someone in need. Not only this but they support communities with eye-care training, encouraging a more sustainable model.

It makes me smile to think that through buying my glasses I have now helped give a pair to someone who wouldn’t have otherwise been able to afford them.

2. Home Try On (UK Only)

For those of us who live in the UK, this is a great advantage considering it’s an online service. You can order 5 glasses frames for free to try on over 5 days before sending them back.

I used this to try on my various frames because I was completely unsure of the colour to choose. I’m so pleased I did because I decided to go for a much lighter colour than I had initially imagined and so it was useful to test them beforehand.

3. Great Quality

I’ve had my glasses for a couple of months now and I can say that they really are of a high quality. On delivery, they came with a small screw to use for tightening if ever they became loose (although I’ve not used it!) and the glasses themselves came in a vegan leather case which was just perfect!

4. Pay What You Can (for second pair)

This is another scheme that they offer whereby you can choose the price of your second pair of glasses, provided it covers the minimum cost to make.

I could only afford the one pair myself, but I do want to acknowledge this offer because it really demonstrates their good intentions.

5. Efficient Shipping

I believe this is worth mentioning and I can say that in my personal experience that shipping within the UK was very efficient. This can be said for both deliveries of the try at home selection and the final purchased frame.

Final thoughts:

Here’s the link to the website: Bloobloom.com

I’m incredibly happy with with my glasses and so pleased to have been able to support a company like this one.

As I mentioned at the beginning, it is is vital to consider your budget before purchasing anything. There are so many instances in my life where I wish I could consume more sustainably but sometimes, I just can’t afford to and that’s okay.

Even if this isn’t something you are in need of, it’s always worth being aware of companies like these to pass on to others who may be in search of them.

What’s on your mind?

Have you used Bloobloom before? What company do you think I should investigate next? Leave a comment below!

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