Life can get busy. There is always something to do and so taking a good break can easily be pushed aside. But why? If you’d like to gain a new perspective looking at the value of rest in the context of working at your own schedule, then keep reading…

Why can taking a break feel selfish?

Speaking from personal experience, I have high standards of myself; always wanting to make the most out of a day by staying organised.

Recently, I have been been working freelance and am now catching up with my assignment work; this has created so much pressure that it seems I have no time to stop if I want to complete everything. But that is so far from the reality.

Health must always come first and here’s why…

Why is rest so important?

Listening to your body and mind and understanding when to rest is crucial to maintaining healthy functioning and good performance. It’s a form of self-care that is central to our wellbeing.

When you look at the bigger picture, without quality time away to relax you will eventually burn out. And this could lead to a longer recovery time than if you were taking regular breaks in the first place!

Save yourself the stress, and have a rest.

How can we take more breaks?

This is going to differ greatly from person to person depending on your work style, volume of tasks, personality type, and physical needs.

When taking these into consideration, it’s also important to work out what a “break” means to you.

I’m currently exploring this for myself and I definitely gain more energy from resting when I have physically left the room I’ve been working in. It’s also more effective when I’m doing a relaxing activity that doesn’t involve screen time.

But how long is too long? I really wish there was an answer. One tip that has stuck with me from the NHS time-management advice page is to focus on the quality of your work, not the quantity.

Therefore, providing you are putting effort into the time you are working, it suggests that the time you do take off isn’t too important and will probably vary. This includes making sure to take whole days off to refresh and recharge.

Remember to trust yourself and if you do break for too long, don’t feel guilty, just make a note of the time frame to adjust next time.

Final thoughts:

This subject is extremely relevant for my current situation and I have so much respect for all the other students going through this exam period during these strange times.

Regardless of where you’re at in life, I think it’s useful to reflect and check that you are giving yourself enough breaks as we continue learning more about ourselves and our needs.

I hope that when my assignments are all over in a month’s time, I will have more tips to share about keeping organised with minimal stress!

What’s on your mind?

Are you guilty of working through your lunch break? What does taking a break mean for you? Leave a comment below!

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