What are you most grateful for at this moment?

A short while ago, myself and my partner Nathan left our home in Bristol and escaped for a week away in West Wales. We stayed at my parents’ holiday cottage: a renovation project that began when I was very small. After 14 years of having the building as a part of our family, plans have begun to sell the property. This made it an extra special visit.

Although I feel a little sad knowing that it will no longer be ours, I am so grateful for the precious part it played in my life. And I have my parents to thank.

When I reflect on the time we spent there as a family, I only think of happy times. To me, even at such a young age, it felt like an escape. Often, we would go driving to hidden beaches and I absolutely loved those car rides down the very narrow, bendy country lanes towards a new adventure. (I don’t suppose my Dad liked the driving quite as much as me!)

If it rained, we might stay inside while my parents worked. Annalise, (my younger sister) and I would easily entertain ourselves on our DS’s playing animal crossing: a game that we both maintain our love for to this day. Other times we presented our own radio station, using an iPod and stereo player in the bedroom.

I am grateful for the happiness that was brought into my childhood by this home and for the opportunity to stay one last time at age 20. I am grateful for my parents’ persistence to invest in this property and provide us with wonderful, unforgettable memories.

Even though I will be sad to see it go, I am excited for the opportunities it will bring for my parents: they deserve them. Here’s to a new chapter!

How would you answer this question?

I encourage you to explore this privately in your journal, or share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Featured image: © 2021 Caitlin Traylor

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