What challenges are you currently facing?

I’ve been feeling lost. It began about three months ago, when my first year of university was complete, and the long summer commenced. Despite my love for the visual arts and turning to creative outlets daily for pleasure, I wasn’t feeling the same passion for my course as I once did.

Although the pandemic had significantly impacted my educational experience, (just one day was spent on campus over the whole year) I don’t believe this was the primary reason for the lacking in interest for my media studies. Instead, I felt as though I had grown as an individual and was beginning to understand my wants and needs a little better.

So far, my twenties have introduced many challenges resulting in much difficult decision making. This summer in particular has been a time of change. Although I have decided to continue my course, I am still very unsure of how my feelings will evolve. But that’s okay. I am giving myself the time and space to really get to know myself better.

A few days ago, I activated a new Instagram account: @ofsocialcreatures. This is a place I hope to, eventually, bring together a community of like-minded people who are also interested in wellbeing and personal growth. But in the meantime, I plan to use it as a space for self-exploration.

The vulnerability of this public authenticity is a challenge, especially with my previous experiences of using social media. In an attempt to overcome this, I continue to remind myself to see joy in the journey. And the same can be said for understanding myself better. Self-acceptance requires courage and let’s just say I’m still working on it!

How would you answer this question?

I encourage you to explore this privately in your journal, or share your thoughts in the comments below!

Instagram: @ofsocialcreatures

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Featured Image: Near Glarus, Switzerland, 1781 by John Warwick Smith

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