What would you like to do more of?

One of the many benefits I get from journaling is the opportunity to take a break and be in the present moment. By placing my phone out of reach, I try to avoid any digital distractions and instead, focus on my inner feelings and connect with my external surroundings.

When I begin my journaling session, I don’t write continuously. Once a thought has been released onto the page, I will often take a short pause and observe the scene outside my window. I watch the cars drive past and wonder where they could be going. I see many faces in the street and then look upwards at the tree branches that dance in the wind at such a great height.

I would like to do more of this “sitting in the moment.” Journaling is an excuse to do this, in between the words, and the calm it brings me is wonderful. It feels as though time has slowed down. But I no longer want to wait until I am ready to write in order to do this.

There seems to be a bizarre, external pressure to stay busy and productive all of the time and I can’t be the only one to feel it. It is as if our worth is determined by how much we complete in a day, and I used to fully hold myself to this. Now, I totally reject the idea.

I want to experience life at a slower pace. I know I’ve mentioned this previously and as time passes, I feel that I am embracing this concept more and more. One way I would like to do this is by taking myself on solo walks, leaving the headphones behind, and existing without pressure.

Time will continue regardless, and I don’t want to waste it by living by any other standards than my own. I must remember to experience the small, quiet moments and just simply be.

How would you answer this question?

I encourage you to explore this privately in your journal, or share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Featured image: © 2021 Caitlin Traylor

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