Caitlin Traylor (2020)

Caitlin Traylor is a British, 20 year old documentary filmmaker, writer and podcaster.

In March 2020, she created the ‘Of Social Creatures’ site and YouTube Channel. The name was a recognition of the need for human connection during a time of global isolation.

As the site developed, it become a space to focus on wellness. She wanted to create consciously which meant ensuring a positive outcome and energy.

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Caitlin’s first experience creating videos was when she was nine years old. Lucky enough to own an iPad equip with iMovie, she began to take it with her everywhere. Over the school holidays, she would stay a week with her grandparents who would take her on adventures to new green spaces, castles and manor houses. All the while, iPad in hand, she documented the trips and looked forward to showing her parents the completed video when she arrived home.

It was during this time that she noticed how relaxed her grandmother was in front of the camera; carefree and not at all self-conscious. When Caitlin started her first year of Creative Media (L3) in college, she was assigned to produce a documentary with an optional focus. She chose to make the film about her grandmother. This was her first experience of sharing a personal project with the class. Through this vulnerability was a lesson that purposeful projects were worth investing in.

Since then, she has created promotional content for The Performance House drama company in 2018 and then for Design Circle as part of their “My Perfect Metro” scheme in 2019. She also got a job as a street team member for her local radio station BridgeFm for a year along side her college studies. This lead on to a role as a Runner in the BBC’s scheme “It’s My Shout” working on a short film.

After completing her two year college course and receiving a grade of Distinction*Distinction*Distinction*, it was clear to Caitlin that she wanted to pursue a career in media. However, she was unsure of the most appropriate route and so took a year out working part-time and saving money to purchase higher quality digital equipment.

In January 2020, she spent a few days with Yeti Productions in Cardiff, participating in idea development discussions and doing research for current projects. It soon became clear that further education was the next step and that documentary was the area she wanted to develop the most.

Caitlin began studying Media Production in Bristol UWE in September 2020. She hopes to gain additional knowledge and skills, and begin to develop her own personal style. Alongside this, she will continue to produce content on Of Social Creatures.