This documentary mini-series was created and published during the isolation period of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK. The first episode explores the lives of three individuals, three weeks into lockdown. They share how they are spending their time and challenges faced on a personal level.

“Lockdown Life” Episode One – Documentary Mini-Series


During lockdown, I had spent a long time on the phone to one of my close friends Rhian. We both wanted to make the most of our time in isolation and also stay creative. We came up with the idea of co-producing a documentary mini-series where we could share something positive, as we had noticed that the media put out at this difficult time could be very upsetting. Each episode was designed individually as nobody knew how and when the situation could change.

It took us many phone calls before settling on a strong idea. We wanted to focused on three people we knew personally, to share their experiences so far. We wanted to have variety in both age and gender which we were able to achieve and I do think it felt more inclusive that way.

Something I had learned from a previous documentary was the importance of cutaways and the avoidance of jump-cuts. I made this my goal when it came to the editing process. I did give myself a strict time-frame of editing the video in under a week because of the chance of the UK situation changing and therefore the content of the video seeming irrelevant. This particular episode I found to be very easy to edit as we wanted something short and sweet and the number of contributors was low. As I was putting the video together, I had the idea of having myself and Rhian in the video. We both agreed it would be useful in this case as we had never made a documentary together before and it felt more personal that way.

For this particular episode, it wasn’t too difficult to explain to our contributors what we were looking for. We simply wanted to know how they had spent their time and their feelings around this. There were no real specifics. I was incredibly grateful to them all taking part and being so open about their experiences. At this point in time, we had the idea to continue following their stories in the next episodes but our plans did change.

I am incredibly pleased with how this episode turned out considering our restrictions, as I do believe we achieved our goal in not only documenting this strange time but also sharing something a little more positive.