This documentary mini-series was created and published during the isolation period of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK. It reveals the experiences of many individuals at this time, as the unexpected is faced together. Each episode is under 8 minutes and provides a small insight into this strange and difficult time.


During lockdown, Caitlin and Rhian had spent hours on the phone to one another, trying to work out what to do with their newly found time. They both wanted to stay creative and eventually came up with the idea of co-producing a documentary mini-series that would have purposeful, positive elements. There had been a lot of upsetting news shared through the media and so they wanted to counter this, whilst still giving an accurate representation of the time. Each episode was designed individually as the circumstances were highly unpredictable.

Episode One

The first episode explores the lives of three individuals, three weeks into lockdown. They share how they are spending their time and challenges faced on a personal level.

“Lockdown Life” Episode One – Documentary Mini-Series

Episode Two

The second episode explores the activities that are motivating people to stay positive and healthy, five weeks into lockdown. A range of different people share their experiences.

“Lockdown Life” Episode Two – Documentary Mini-Series

Episode Three

The third and final episode is a reflection piece on our experiences and how this may affect us in the future. A group of five people share their thoughts.

“Lockdown Life” Episode Three – Documentary Mini-Series