This documentary mini-series was created and published during the isolation period of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK. The third and final episode is a reflection piece on our experiences and how this may affect us in the future. A group of five people share their thoughts.

“Lockdown Life” Episode Three – Documentary Mini-Series


During lockdown, myself and my close friend Rhian came up with the idea of co-producing a documentary mini-series where we could share something positive. Each episode was designed individually as nobody knew how and when the situation could change.

This was my favourite episode to edit and also my favourite outcome. The core of this project was to provide something positive for people to watch; to give a feeling of motivation and inspiration. We wanted to show that despite being physically apart from one another, we were dealing with this as part of a community and I do feel that in this episode we achieved that positive feeling.

Learning from the previous two episodes, we decided five contributors would be a strong number to give enough variety while keeping it concise. We also thought it would be nice to include some familiar faces as well as introducing others and I believe that this helped the series feel more coherent. This time around, we gave everyone a list of three questions to answer so that we would all be on the same page. That way, I had a simple frame to follow when it came to the edit. Despite all the wonderful thoughts people had to say, I was determined from the start to cut it down to no more than 4 minutes as it was intended to feel like a conclusion. One of the contributors was late submitting which gave me the idea to use this extra time and ask the contributors from the previous episode to send a video doing one of the activities they had mentioned previously. This worked really well in breaking up the voices and bringing everything together.

I am incredibly thankful to everyone who got involved with this project as it wasn’t always easy, especially considering the situation we were all in. It taught me a great deal when it came to producing and editing and how much I enjoyed working alongside someone compared to projects I did alone. It has given me the motivation to want to pursue more documentaries in the future as I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.