This documentary mini-series was created and published during the isolation period of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK. The second episode explores the activities that are motivating people to stay positive and healthy, five weeks into lockdown. A range of different people share their experiences.

“Lockdown Life” Episode Two – Documentary Mini-Series


During lockdown, myself and my close friend Rhian came up with the idea of co-producing a documentary mini-series where we could share something positive. Each episode was designed individually as nobody knew how and when the situation could change.

After having such a positive response from our first episode, we felt it necessary to give more people the chance to get involved. We were fortunate enough to have a total ten people who were willing to take part and explained, as best we could, our idea. The aim was to inspire others to take advantage of this time in isolation and try something new. The activity ideas would be provided by our contributors as they shared what they had been doing to keep themselves occupied.

This was the most difficult episode to both orchestrate and edit. I found it hard to explain through text message what was expected and I had to adapt based on the content I received. It resulted in more cutaway footage needing to be filmed to cover up the voice-over as well as re-ordering everyone to prevent it feeling over-whelming. Most of my time was spent cutting the videos down to the most relevant parts and avoid repetition of the activities.

Overall, I am pleased with the finished result considering I was physically unable to direct, however at times it does feel a little drawn out as there are so many people to keep track of. At the time I know I couldn’t have done a lot different with the footage I had, but I will remember to keep contributors at a minimum if at all possible in future projects, or at least have a strong structure beforehand.