This podcast contains conversations between Caitlin and her sister Annalise about what they’ve been up to since they last saw one another. Topical discussions are shared of which they analyse perspectives of the world around them. The length varies per episode and uploads may be sporadic.


Caitlin moved out of the family home in July 2020 and both her and Annalise were keen to begin a creative project idea that could be sustainable despite the distance. They settled on creating a podcast where they could catch up with one another whilst also keeping a record of their interaction. It allows them to experiment in a playful manor and share something personal online.

Episode One

The first episode is an introduction to them both, where they share childhood memories and discuss their current educational circumstances.

“What’s up, Leech?” #1 | the introduction [2020]


This was essentially a tester episode for the series as we didn’t even have a name for it when we began recording. I knew that I wanted a continual project that would just be a bit of fun and something I didn’t have to take so seriously.

Annalise and I had always wanted to create something together for a long period of time and after I moved away, it seemed like a good excuse for a catch-up style podcast. The primary purpose was for our own enjoyment, that it would be a record we could look back on in years to come.

As we didn’t have a detailed plan for the podcast, it ended up being almost 2 hours long which needed to be heavily edited down into something more coherent. If there’s something I did learn immediately after was to stop talking over Lise! I did have to include some intentional pauses too as we tended to talk quite quickly, anticipating one another’s speech.

For a first episode, I’m pleased!